Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Mask of emotions:

"Since most people spend their days behind computers expressing emotions via colons and parentheses anyway, the Digital Media Design Dept at Hongik University figured they'd just be done with it all when they created the "Mask of Emotion." It displays LED emoticons that supposedly react to external stimuli, such as a smile when the wearer shakes hands with someone. Its creators say it was designed to hide real emotions and -- literally -- mask them with whatever is being presented on the mask."

FaceAlive Icons:

The seven basic expressions in JAFFE database.

"Facial expression is one of primary communication means of the human, and sometimes it is even more expressive than words. Today with the increasing popularity of advanced communication tools such as emails and short messages, more and more people have been communicating by various means without seeing each other. However, facial expressions are still greatly needed for the most of these conversations."

Pega Look@me

"Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph is a picture language; people carved their own words into stone.
However, after thousands of years, we are now going to use similar system again! The picture languge is indeed evolutionary.

The idea grew out from discovering how young generations communicate to each other with these half-symbol or half-text art and how honest they are to express their emotions boldly, just like saying “Hey guys, look at me!”

It also makes a strong statement about these crossed-intersection style symbols outperform formal languages during some small talk and reveals thet people’s foundness of something in between instead of precision wording in any formal languages.

There are 40 emoticon elements on the keyboard; each of them can be the eyes, mouth or nose. It is up to the users to design any cool expressions creatively.

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