Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Village Pet Store - Banksy

“Shoe-Be-Do” - the final prototype

In different cultures people used to take their shoes off when entering a home while in others, entering someone’s home without shoes might be considered rude.
In the USA and especially in New York shoes remain on, even though people in New York come from a variety of cultures and have very different “shoes habits”.
But, entering a house with the shoes on brings a lot of dirt inside the house and it’s very disturbing and annoying for people interested in keeping their floors clean. And at the same time they not feel comfortable asking their guests to take their shoes off. This problem leads us to the idea for a product that will solve that dirt problem.

“Shoe-Be-Do”, a doormat that will increase the awareness of cleaning the shoes before entering, will provide a solution for people who try to keep their floors clean without taking shoes off.

People already have doormats but they are useless, they have got used to them and basically ignore them, and they are nothing more than something they pass on their way.

The final prototype is:
Standard size doormat that we tried to make look as much as the usual one, when a person steps on - the light turns red and then yellow and the mat vibrates, music starts playing and the monitor displays: please shuffle to the beat!

The person starts shuffling his shoes, and actually dances. After a certain time the music will stop, the light turns green and the display reads: please come in! The owner sets the music and the length of the shuffling time in advance.